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EHSS (Environment, Health & Safety, and Social management)

Environmental, health & safety, and social management issues in the workplace have great effects on both financial and non-financial aspects. Particularly, in response to tightening safety and environmental regulations in many countries, active prevention is needed.

PAM conducts site inspection on investment corporations based on the checklist which was prepared in accordance with local regulations. This process allows us to find environmental, health & safety, and social risks that can arise in and around the workplace, and make improvements for prevention.

We organized fire station in our farm, preventing possible destruction of farm and forests due to fire. By regular fire-fighter training, we always are well-prepared to deal with the possible threats in any time. Furthermore, we focus on Health&Safety issues of the workers, providing all necessary equipment to guarantee safety in the workplace. Ambulance, vehicles  and medical center are prepared for employees.


Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

PAM already has ISPO(Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil) certification(2016). PT. PAM, as a part of the Indonesian society, plans to manage environmental risks posed by our business operations.

Struggling to be more aware of the environmental issues and sustainable management, PT. PAM is seeking to obtain a higher standard, RSPO. RSPO is a certification given to the companies who minimize environmental impacts from businesses, preserve the ecosystem under guidelines of RSPO and engage/commit all stakeholders throughout the supply chain that palm oil production is sustainable. We`re planning to obtain RSPO certification by 2019.