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CSR : Corporate Social Responsibility

PT Parna Agromas engages in oil palm plantation and operation of CPO mill located in Sekadau Regency of West Kalimantan Province of Indonesia. We commit to advancing a greener future through best practices in maintaining environmental sustainability.

We believe that our presence can have positive impacts on the communities where we operate. Since commencement of our business, we have been actively practicing a variety of social responsibility activities for the local community.


Building Bridges and constructing/repairing roads

We build bridges and roads to provide better environment for the local communities. We regularly repair the facilities to provide convenience to the community members. We replaced two falling wooden bridges with concrete bridges and renovated a stone bridge, rebuilding them into concrete bridges, so that people can now cross them safely.

Constructing educational facilities for children

We built kindergarten to provide a better working environment for our employees and their children. There are school buses carrying children from their houses to kindergarten every day. We employed several professional child-care personnel to well educate and take care of children. By providing child-care services, we try to provide higher satisfaction and safer working environment for workers.



  • Public support activities including support for disaster measures
  • Sponsorship for religious facilities
  • Maintenance of facilities for clean water
  • Support for medical service for residents